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3:1 Student-to-Teacher ratio in all groups. Placement is based on skills, not ages.

Maximal support

​Therapeutic Goals

  • Communication: vocalizations, smiles, signs, gestures

  • Gross motor: head control, foundational mobility

  • Fine motor: grasping, reaching, bringing hands together

  • Cognitive: exploring environment, introduction to circle time

  • Social/emotional: eye contact, establishing trust with caregivers, tolerance of being away from home

  • Self-help: tolerating washing hands, dressing, diaper changes, wiping face, etc.

Organic Blueberries

Moderate support

​Therapeutic Goals

  • Communication: signs and gestures, foundational vocabulary, understanding simple directions

  • Gross motor: crawling, walking, throwing, kicking, safety awareness

  • Fine motor: intro to coloring, building, putting in/out, matching, puzzle boards, simple crafts

  • Cognitive: 3-5 minutes attention for circle time, cleaning up toys, simple pretend play

  • Social/emotional: taking turns, sharing toys, parallel play with peers, transitions between tasks

  • Self-help: finger-feeding, straw and open cup for drinks, helping with dressing/undressing, washing own hands, putting items in own cubby


Minimal support

Therapeutic Goals

  • Communication: phrases, answering questions, understanding complex directions

  • Gross motor: jumping, playground equipment, safety awareness

  • Fine motor: pre-handwriting skills, multi-step crafts, complex puzzles and construction

  • Cognitive: 5-10 minutes attention for circle time

  • Social/emotional: regulating emotions and behavioral responses, joint play with peers

  • Self-help: self-feeding with utensils, straw and open cup for drinks, independent dressing/undressing, washing own hands, potty training

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